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Lightning Protection System Validation: Wind turbines are equipped with lightning protection systems designed to safely direct electrical energy into the ground. Despite these systems, lightning damage incurs industry costs exceeding $100 million annually, contributing to 60% of blade losses in the US. Our approach involves the utilization of both drones and robots to assess and, if necessary, repair the lightning protection system.

Repair and Maintenance: If any damage or issues are identified during inspections, appropriate repairs should be carried out promptly. This can involve repairing cracks, replacing damaged components, or addressing leading edge erosion. Our robots, capable of accessing both the surface and interior of blades, excel in executing complex repair tasks efficiently.

Leading edge protection, is a common practice in wind power blade maintenance to protect it from erosion caused by environmental factors. Our robots can autonomously perform this task.

Aerial Drones: Equipped with cameras and probe systems, drones can be employed for inspecting and testing the lightning protective system.

Internal Blade Inspections, Crawler robots outfitted with diverse sensors and equipment such as cameras, infrared thermography devices, and ultrasonic sensors, assesses the internal condition of blades. It efficiently identifies damages, cracks, structural issues, or potential defects, and can undertake repair tasks as needed.

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