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Wind Turbines

Leader In Wind Turbine Blades maintenance and Repair with Robots

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Our mission is to create sophisticated robots that not only enhance the safety of human beings but also facilitate more secure, cost-effective, and efficient inspection and repair of wind turbine blades.

Mechanical robot cleaning offers several advantages, including increased efficiency, reduced manual labor, and improved safety by minimizing the need for human operators to work at heights. 

The rapid tool-changing device offers several benefits, including increased flexibility and productivity by enabling quick transitions between different tools or end-effectors.




Our company's advanced inspection services are made possible through the use of cutting-edge technology. Our fleet of autonomous drones, zero down-time ground Phaseone cameras, ultrasound scanner robots, and crawl robots allows us to conduct both external and internal inspections with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. By leveraging AI and scalable cloud systems, we are able to analyze thousands of images per hour, providing our clients with detailed and comprehensive inspection reports that identify over 15 types of damages, including the often-overlooked leading edge erosion.



To provide the most efficient cleaning of wind turbine blades, our company uses remote control robots equipped with a three-brush system and a biodegradable soap supply. With this technology, we are able to effectively remove dirt and debris from the blades without requiring human intervention at high elevations. Our cleaning process typically takes about 10 hours to clean all three blades of a turbine, although heavily soiled blades may require additional cleaning time. Overall, our advanced cleaning process ensures that wind turbines are operating at peak performance, reducing downtime and maximizing energy production.



Our company employs state-of-the-art robotic technology to access wind turbine blades and execute repairs for various damages, including leading-edge erosion, cracks, delamination, direct hits, and strikes. The exceptional speed and efficiency of our advanced robots allow them to repair turbines 6 times faster and with 50% greater cost-efficiency than human labor. By embracing robotics, we're transforming the maintenance of wind turbines, ensuring that it's not only efficient and effective but also safe.

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